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Finally, we are actually starting to add content to our New Niche Site.  This can be one of the most important parts of your website.  Of course this all depends on your particular Niche.  Although we have discussed some of the SEO basics with respect to writing content, there are many other issues you need to keep in mind.

Probably one of the biggest areas is actually finding useful topics to write about.  In this post, I will discuss different methods to provide value to your audience as well as numerous resources to look to when thinking of topics to write about.

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Value Your Content to Provide Value

Now I know I had mentioned that I will be discussing many different issues to keep in mind when writing, and I will; however these are more my own personal beliefs when it comes to Niche Sites.  Disclaimer:  I do not create 1 page Niche Sites that provide NO value to the reader.  I only mention this because I believe that every Niche Website you create should provide Value.  Without Value your Niche Site becomes meaningless to potential readers.

My Number One Rule When Writing Content: Value Your Content to Provide Value

Now this might sound a bit odd, but it is an absolute necessity.  If you truly believe that the content of your website is valuable, then it will provide value.  Simple as that.  Hopefully your Niche Site Topic allows you to activate some form of Passion and Purpose for you.  Therefore, if it does, you should be interested in providing value.  Do not waste your visitor’s time.  If you really do take pride in your work product, then your audience will be happy to read it.

Why so much focus on value for Niche Sites?  I get the issue some people might have.  A Niche Site might only be 5 pages.  Therefore how much value can one really provide?  In my opinion, regardless of the Niche, big or small, there needs to be value there.  The goal of search engines is simple.  Provide the most meaningful resources for the searcher.  My argument is this.  Why wouldn’t you try to provide the most meaningful content.  IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE A PART OF YOUR SEO STRATEGY!  Enough Said.

Maintain Focus in Writing

Each article in your Niche Site should have a clear focus.  Remember discussing including the Keyword Phrase in the first and last sentence?  Well, your Keyword Phrase should explain exactly what you are writing about.  Do not stray but rather stay on topic.  Often people begin to write and forget the purpose of their article.  I view this is an SEO must as well.  If you start to write about one subject and end with another, then the article is likely misleading to the reader.

Finding Niche Content Ideas

The reality of a Niche Site is that you, I, and many others likely know less about our topics than others.  Because of this, it can be tough to figure out what people want to read.  This is important if you are selling products on your site or whatever money making strategy you will be using.  The point is that Every Niche Site needs some level of content.  So, since we are all not experts, we need to figure out two things.  First, what are people looking for and Second, what do we need to learn.

Finding Topics

I use various methods to find topics that people are looking for.  You might actually be surprised at the actual topics that people are looking for related to your Niche.  Here are my resources

  • Google Keyword Tool:  Type in your Niche Keyword and see what else comes up.  This will provide an overwhelming list.
  • eHow:  Once you have a list of Keywords from Google, search them in eHow.  This will provide you with numerous already written content that you can include in your articles.  Not to mention it will be stuff that people actually took the time to write which means something.
  • Amazon:  If I am dealing with Products within a Niche, I look to reviews.  Often reviews will provide you with the questions and concerns of a consumer that actually purchased the product.  Look for similarities among reviews to find an excellent topic or question you can answer.
  • Your Mind:  Because you might not know much about a topic, ask yourself questions about your topic.  Normally, if you can’t answer the question without looking somewhere online, it is likely worth writing about.  With billions of people in this world, someone is bound to be asking the same question.

Educating Yourself

As discussed earlier, you likely know little about your topic.  The point of a Niche Website is to become an authority on a very specific topic.  Therefore, you need to try to gain as much knowledge as possible.  Luckily, there are thousands if not millions of free resources for you to get educated.  Here is what I typically do:

  • Google Your Keyword:  Obviously it is a powerful tool and you can check out the competition.
  • Wikipedia:  Everyone uses it, so get going.
  • eHow:  Although you have already done this, make sure you read some of them.
  • YouTube:  Videos can explain things really well and give you some unique ideas that might not be found in written form.

In Closing

Hopefully you can start writing some meaningful content after this post.  I would advise writing 5 to 10 unique articles for your website during the first week to really get the search engines going.  They should all be at a minimum, 400 words!!  Remember the rules from the previous post and you will find yourself writing meaningful extremely SEO friendly content in no time.  In the next post, I will discuss some different money making strategies for Niche Sites.  The fun stuff!!  For now, get writing, and worry about the money later. I know this is a process but I am happy that you are starting your own Niche.

I normally do not like to disclose any of my own website information so that I do not influence my own traffic, however a website I just finished building out and performing different SEO strategies on got its first few clicks today.  $9.00 in the bank in a Passive way.  Bear in mind, I won’t have to touch this site but once a month!!!  See you at the next post!

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