Part I: Using Voice Dictation to Generate High Quality Content

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One of the hardest parts about building a blog or building a website is that you need to be constantly developing content for your viewers. This is a significant problem when you see significant growth and cannot keep up with the various tasks of running a website. Ultimately, the reason it becomes such a major issue is that you are often spending time doing other projects related to your website or your niche. Whether it is dealing with finances, design, or your hosting, the tasks start to add up. There are numerous tools out there that can help you begin to generate content through research or curation but ultimately you will need to be able to develop awesome content! Today I am going to be sharing with you my method for creating awesome content quickly and efficiently. This will be a three part series so stay tuned! My secret? Voice Dictation!!


What Will You Learn

  • The Concept of Voice Dictation
  • The Benefits of Voice Dictation
  • ROI of Voice Dictation
  • Suggested Voice Dictation Software

What is Voice Dictation?

Think of an episode of Law and Order. You see one of the district attorneys talking to him or herself as the detectives burst into the room to explain the latest situation. You continue to watch the episode and then find yourself watching another and another. Hopefully not! Anyway, you witnessed the quintessential example of voice dictation: An attorney speaking into a voice recorder. Likely that attorney would then pass the voice recorder to his or her assistant who would listen and type everything out. The document would then arrive on the attorney’s desk, he or she would edit it, send it back to his or her assistant, it would be revised, and then hopefully after all of this it would sent out to the appropriate party.

This is voice dictation. However, this is not the voice dictation that I am suggesting!! That would require you to hire an assistant and spend a significant amount of time/resources on this process. Our goal is to limit time and reduce the allocation of resources utilized to make our businesses successful, including our niche websites. This can be done through the use of voice dictation software!

What is Voice Dictation Software?

Putting it simply, voice dictation software programs allow you to talk and the program will type out text for you in a document. Cell Phone Voice DictationThis includes words, phrases, names, grammar, numbers, and pretty much everything except for emojis (sadly). You likely already use this in some way through the use of your phone. For example, Apple phones have Siri and Google even has its own voice recognition software. Through these programs you are able to text, email, and chat with others through the use of your cell phone.

Voice dictation software though is something that is a little bit different than your current capabilities on a cell phone would offer. For example, most cell phone voice dictation programs stop listening after 15 seconds or so, rarely can auto-correct, lacks the ability to go back and change text, and ultimately does not allow you to have complete control with just your voice! These reasons, and many other reasons, distinguish the quasi voice recognition software from the actual voice recognition software that can accomplish the goal we are discussing today: creating awesome content, while limiting our time, and reducing the resources in developing the content.

What are the Benefits of Voice Dictation?

Voice dictation may not be something that everyone is used to. In fact, historically voice dictation was really only utilize by attorneys through the use of voice recorders and they would have secretaries manually type out their recordings. Nowadays, it is much different. The benefits of voice dictation are numerous. First, voice dictation allows you to quickly generate large amounts of content. For example, it is very common for individuals to use voice dictation software to develop 3000 to 5000 word documents within 20 minutes!! Think about having to actually type a 3000 to 5000 word document. This would require significant amounts of time. Nevertheless, people continue to do it. Why?

I myself normally can get close to that 3000 word mark in 15 or so minutes depending on the detail in the article. However, most people are uncertain about the ways in which they can actually utilize voice dictation. In addition, they don’t see the inherent benefits. Second, one of the biggest benefits is the fact that often voice dictation programs allow you to correct in an automatic format. This means you can be doing your voice dictation and it will automatically correct grammar mistakes that you may have made. Finally, the biggest benefit is the fact that you can now freely think through articles that you are intending to write and develop those articles with your voice.

You may not view this as a huge benefit but it absolutely is!!! Think about it, when you are writing an article you are often carefully thinking about each sentence, losing track of your own thought processes, and even editing to the point at which you are losing track of the actual intention of what you were intending to type. This creates a dilemma in which you can easily misinterpret or even completely forget the topics that you originally intended to cover. Through voice dictation, you are able to develop large amounts of content and piece them together at a later point. Ultimately you are saving significant amounts of time on the front-end leaving more time on the back-end for editing and revising.

But Seriously, Why Should I use Voice Dictation for my Niche Websites?

I can go through hundreds of reasons why you should use voice dictation software for your niche websites but the biggest reason really is return on investment. For example, it historically was taking me two to three hours to generate a substantial article for my niche websites, just from an initial writing phase. Sometimes, it would take multiple hour-long writing sessions where I would be editing, rethinking, and redeveloping the articles. Voice dictation does not allow you to avoid those processes but it does allow you to speed up the actual typing process. You can go from writing a 2000 word article in three hours to editing and dictating an article in less than one hour that much I promise you. What is the return on investment on this? Well that depends how much your time is worth. In my line of business, because I run multiple websites and have multiple online businesses, it becomes extremely important for me to properly calculate my return on investment. In my case, I am saving at least 50% of my writing time by using voice dictation software. Put an hourly rate on your time and figure out the return on investment there. In my case, the ROI is huge!!

How Much Does Voice Dictation Software Cost?

Luckily, with voice dictation the options have come a long way. For example, there are free versions through your cell phone or iPad but there are also paid versions made by software companies. I have used probably five or six different forms of voice dictation software and have found that the paid versions are significantly better for multiple reasons. I won’t get into that until later though. For now, I believe that you should test out the various versions to see what works best for you.

For example, you could just utilize the Google software on an android cell phone and see if that works for you. I’ve seen certain issues with that software and decided not to use it but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try it out. Bottom line, voice dictation software is extremely affordable! I am being 100% serious. I was shocked that I could get an excellent voice dictation system for pennies on the dollar compared to the amount of money that I am saving through the use of the actual software.

What Voice Dictation Software Do You Recommend?

I absolutely recommend the Dragon dictation software. In fact, I have dictated this entire blog post through the use of my Dragon software. This allows me to dictate entire posts such as this. The version that I use requires the investment of less than $100 but this amount is pennies compared to the amount of time I have saved generating substantial amounts of content for my websites. Now I don’t want you to go out and get the software right now. Obviously I am a proponent, and by utilizing the Dragon for PC or the Dragon for MAC software programs, you can download the program right now and try it out. However, you need to spend time getting comfortable with this idea of using voice dictation.

Dragon PCDragon MAC

Over the next week I will be publishing blog posts explaining exactly how I approach developing content for my niche websites through the use of Dragon software. During this time, you can use the free service and get used to the software and by the end of the seven days, and after reading my blog posts, I guarantee that you will want to use this software in the future. I rarely make promises like these but it is one that I feel absolutely passionate about. In the meantime, try out the software free of charge and look forward to my next blog post. This series I am absolutely pumped about.

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