Using Twitter and Hootsuite To Generate Niche Income

Today I am going to be talking to you about one of the best tools for affiliate marketing. One of the biggest problems with affiliate marketing is that it can take extensive amounts of time. For example, you need to get a link to a product, develop the content, and distribute that link with the content to your viewers. This of course assumes that you have an audience through a blog or review website. However, today I’m going to show you how to make money through affiliate marketing with just a Twitter account and Hootsuite.

By using both of these tools and focusing on creating various niche Twitter accounts, you will have the ability to generate a large Twitter following, that is focused on a particular niche area, which will ultimately result in huge returns! Hootsuite allow you to do this and saves you incredible amounts of time in the process. But first, let me tell you about my recent successes only using Twitter and Hootsuite for the purpose of affiliate marketing.


What You Will Learn:

  • How to Effectively Generate Niche Social Media Income
  • How to Utilize Hootsuite to Maximize Revenue
  • How to Create a Niche Twitter Network!

My Story Using Hootsuite and Twitter

As many of the readers of this website are aware, I operate various niche websites and niche online profiles. Initially, I started operating niche websites because it allowed me to focus on a unique set of services or products and provide a deep dive for readers interested in the services or products. For example, we have discussed what exactly niche websites are before on this website so please feel free to read that post. Nevertheless, I am always open to developing additional niche online profiles. The one negative of building a website is that you need to be regularly updating the website with content and you also need to ensure that you have a social media presence. This is not a bad thing at all and absolutely something that you could be doing; however my goal was to figure out a way to expand my niche website into additional online profiles.

For example, I noticed that there was a lack of excellent blogs regarding products for dogs. Certainly there are various web sites out there such as large big box retailers that contain all sorts of products for dogs. However, I was focusing on the need for a blog that focuses on a unique subset of products for dogs. In this case, I focused on healthy and environmentally friendly products for dogs. This website contains various content and of course I followed the same process for building a niche website that is described on this blog.

Once I created the website and began developing content, I noticed that there needed to be a more effective way of covering the diverse world of healthy and environmentally friendly dog products. For example, if someone owns a Golden Retriever then they are searching strictly for Golden Retriever products rather than general dog products. Therefore, there are clearly subset niches within the sub category of healthy and environmentally friendly dog products.

The Problem of Some Niche Websites

The main problem is also a blessing in disguise. Specifically, the problem is that I would be unable to create content specific to every single type of dog breed throughout the world. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough time for me to do that. This can be a major issue because a general article about a environmentally friendly dog toy is not as good as a general article about an environmentally friendly toy for Golden Retrievers. Do you see the distinction? Clearly the second article is more focused on what the reader actually wants.

Solving the Problem

Instead of creating content for every single dog breed out there that is largely the same as the content for another dog breed, I chose to focus on building social media profiles to distribute product links specific to those subset categories. In short, my blog would contain an article that did a deep dive into the product for dogs in general and then I would create various social media profiles that were linked on my website that were specific to the subset dog breeds.

For example, I created a Twitter profile for the top 10 most popular dog breeds that focused solely on distributing content on those dog breeds. I also would distribute the content that I had developed to those Twitter accounts as well. This allowed me to generate a following that not only went to my website but also was more focused on the dog breed itself. For example, I would develop a tweet highlighting environmentally friendly dog toys and would specifically gear it towards the golden retriever breed and would include it on the Twitter handle focused on golden retrievers. The results were amazing!

The Results Are Amazing!

Before I get into the details of the technique, I want to let you know how successful this has been for me. For this specific niche website, I created 10 separate Twitter accounts focused on those subset dog breed categories. Within 6 months I had a mask thousands of followers to those Twitter accounts and generated significant Additional income from distributing affiliate links on the Twitter accounts. To be exact, I increased the income to the website by an additional 30% just by using this tactic. Checkout my results below!!!

Twitter Hootsuite Revenue

Keep in mind, I created no additional content other than using Hootsuite and Twitter in a specific way which required a very small amount of time and an even smaller investment in the Hootsuite product. In short, I am now constantly looking at ways to develop further subset social media niches using this tactic!!

Introduction to Hootsuite

To understand how to operate this technique you will need to understand a little bit about what Hootsuite actually does. Basically, it is considered a social media management system. This means it allows you to track and manage various social media networks. For example, these networks include Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. By using Hootsuite you are able to interact with the various social media networks without having to individually visit each website. In addition, it allows you to easily post and update content to all of the social media networks that you may have. This allows you to save enormous amount of time for a minimal amount of money.


Hootsuite Buttons

The biggest reason that I believe this is the best tool for the method that I’m discussing in this post, is because it allows you to schedule hundreds of posts at once with its bulk scheduling tool.  Imagine spending one hour per month scheduling these posts and having a passive method of income for the entire month!! In addition, it will pinpoint the best times for you to tweet with it auto scheduler. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of your process. For example, it will analyze when the best times for tweets will be for the people that follow your accounts.

Finally, the bulk scheduling tool is unbelievable. The bulk scheduling tool allows you to schedule hundreds affiliate link tweets in advance.  Although there are various tools out there, Hootsuite is one of those tools that offers you a 30 day free trial and for the purposes of this niche project, in my opinion it is the best tool for the job. Let’s talk a little bit about the process that I use to make money with Twitter and Hootsuite.

Try a 30 Day Free Trial Today!

How to Make Money with Twitter and Hootsuite

The very first thing you need to do is focus on 10 different sub-categories within a general category. As I stated above, I initially started out with a website and then eventually created 10 different social media profiles on Twitter that focused on specific dog breeds. I do not believe that the website is necessary though. In fact, I am currently testing the use of subcategory Twitter accounts without websites and I’m seeing awesome results. Above all, you need to figure out some sort of sub category of a category to tie all of the Twitter accounts together.

For example, if you will be advertising books for mothers, then you can create 10 different subcategory Twitter accounts that focus on children at different ages, pregnancy, relationship advice for mothers with children, and so on. You get the picture right? The reason I suggest bundling the subcategories together under a general category is that it leaves you the option to create a website at a later time if you generate enough followers under the various social media profiles. Remember, you need to think long-term thinking. By creating this network, you are creating a network narrative focused on a general category which can then be transitioned into a long-term product!!

Next, you need to think of Twitter handles for those individual accounts. The door handles should definitely be descriptive of what subcategory you will be focusing on. Remember that Twitter handles have a maximum length of 15 characters. Therefore, I suggest that you write down a list of the 10 subcategories and then think of Twitter handle names that are 15 characters or less.  I highly suggest that the Twitter handle name include the subcategory keyword. For example, golden retriever could include some variation of golden dog or retriever, or some other creative combination. Once you have done this and listed them, you need to create the Twitter accounts. This is probably the easiest step.


Tip: Use NameCheckr to Check Twitter Handles –

Hootsuite allows you to connect those 10 account to your Hootsuite account. Keep in mind that the free Hootsuite plan allows you to connect three accounts whereas the paid Hootsuite account allows you to connect 25 accounts. Clearly, if you have 10 Twitter accounts then you are going to need to purchase the paid plan. I have maxed out my current Hootsuite account and I’m thinking about increasing my plan. Nevertheless, I spend $10 a month on the Hootsuite account and I am receiving 10 – 20 times that amount in affiliate commissions. This depends on the month but it’s certainly pays for itself as you can see above!!

Finally, you need to create a list of Amazon or other affiliate products that you will market on these Twitter accounts. Make sure that you have a spreadsheet of all of the affiliate links for those products. For example, I created a golden retriever category on a spreadsheet and had a list of 100 different products that I would constantly market on that Twitter account. I did this for each of my 10 sub categories. Once I had created this list, I focused on using the Hootsuite bulk schedule actual to schedule at 350 posts throughout my various Twitter accounts. This allowed me to schedule out most, if not all of my tweets on a monthly basis. I will also sprinkle in unique articles from other sources that do not include affiliate links.  This ensures that I am able to offer products and excellent information to my audience.  Side tip: Make sure you are including relevant hashtags as this will help you expand your reach.  Additionally side tip: Make sure you create a great Twitter profile. 


There are many different Twitter accounts that are already taking advantage of this.  For example, the DealNews giant website has amassed over 27,000 followers.  Their Twitter account focuses solely on deals across the internet. Nevertheless, Twitter is an excellent resource to find targeted traffic. When it comes to niches, using social media can be extremely powerful. Make sure you analyze whether your audience is on Twitter or another social media platform because you want to ensure you are posting where your viewers actually interact.  Enjoy!

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