Part II: Using Dragon Software to Generate High Quality Content

Dragon Software

Welcome back to our next installment of changing your content generation strategy through voice dictation. Are you interested in saving time? Are you interested in saving resources? Did you read our previous post on the benefits of voice dictation software? If you answered no to the previous question, I would suggest that you read the article prior to completing your perusal of this article. In any event, it is extremely important that you understand the vast benefits of using Dragon software as well as the best process for implementing a new blog strategy that saves you time, resources, and allows you to more effectively promote your various niche websites. In this article, we will talk about why you should use Dragon software for your blog strategy and the specific process that you should use when developing content using the software. Get ready, this is going to change your niche website life!

Why use Dragon Software?

In the previous article we discussed why you should be using voice dictation software in general. The benefits included saving time (see this article for how much time it saved policy), allowing for more creativity in your article writing, and many other benefits. However, we didn’t really discuss the benefits of using certain software over others. We did discuss that the free software does not allow you the benefits of many of the paid software programs. Here, we will discuss those benefits in an in-depth manner so that you understand the benefits of a software program such as the Dragon software program compared to the free programs.

First, the biggest benefit with the Dragon software program is that it is the industry leader. I constantly work with organizations providing products and services where they may or may not be the industry leader. I can confidently say that if you are working with an industry leader, there is an 80% chance that the products themselves are representative of an industry leader. What does that mean? It means they will have better customer service, higher quality products, and allow you to quickly navigate utilizing those products while reducing the time and effort you spend going through those actions in which the product is designed to accomplish. This might not sound like a big deal but trust me if you have ever purchased a product and it has not allowed you to use it smoothly, then you will completely understand.

Second, the benefit of the Dragon software is that it allows a program to learn based upon your specific voice dictation preferences. Many of the free programs offered through Apple or android absolutely do not do this at the level that Dragon software does. For example, you cannot teach the free android programs how to type out certain names, phrases, abbreviations, or even correct what it thinks you are saying. You can do all of the above with Dragon software. This is a significant game changer. It allows you to create a system in which you are spending minimal amounts of time editing, correcting, and revising your content. In short, if you set it up appropriately as you proceed in utilizing the Dragon software then you will be systematically streamlining a future process which ultimately saves time and resources. Talk about increasing your return on investment and saving you significant amounts of time!

Third, probably the biggest reason I suggest utilizing Dragon software is that it allows you to use the software with various devices. For example, you can purchase software that works specifically for your computer, tablet, or cell phone. This is an incredible benefit as it relates to voice dictation. Personally, I utilize the computer version of the software. I should note that I am delving deeper into their offerings (which are numerous) and will report back. Nevertheless, being able to utilize this software in various settings with various devices is an absolute necessity when it comes to dictating high-quality content.

For more information on the Dragon software, please click below. This will take you to Amazon where you can learn more about their products. At this point, the price point for the software is extremely low considering the benefits that it can offer you in developing your online niche website business. In my eyes, I have saved hundreds of dollars in time and effort by utilizing this system.


The bottom line is that in order for this system to work, you need a voice dictation system that you can trust. As mentioned in this article and the previous, there are free versions and I absolutely suggest trying those out. However, for me, the answer soon became obvious that I needed something more substantial and backed by a larger organization. With Dragon, if you ever have any problems, just call customer service. Most organizations don’t even have that option!

How Can I Utilize the Dragon Software to the Max?

At this point, I am hoping that you are strongly thinking about getting the Dragon software and are attempting to try it out. If you are, continue to research and think about it but ultimately I have created a system in which you have the ability to utilize other software programs; however I am confident that these programs will not allow you to save as much time as I have in my process. Nevertheless, the first step does not necessarily require you to have the software itself as it is more of a planning stage. What do I mean as in a planning stage? Putting it simply, I mean that you need to start developing a blog content strategy. What are the benefits of a blog content strategy? A blog content strategy for dictation purposes is absolutely necessary in order to save time, resources, and ultimately to ensure that you are creating awesome content.

We will get into the details in my next article but the first step is to start brainstorming articles with a definitive title and purpose. Create a list of as many articles as possible where you include both the title and the purpose. This will allow you to begin a process around developing content that you can easily dictate. You will then strategically begin to develop a process by which you can easily dictate articles on the fly! Saving time, money, and resources!

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