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Writing ContentDeveloping content for your niche website is an absolute must. Not only must you develop content, but the content needs to be valuable. One of the biggest mistakes I see is people drafting content that is not valuable at all. So what do I mean by not valuable? I mean content that people look past after 10 seconds.

What You Will Learn in this Article

  • How to Focus on Incorporating Keywords into Content
  • How to Use Introduction Boxes to Capture Readers
  • Why it is Important to Link to Authority Sites
  • Why You Should Always Provide Clear Content for the Reader
  • Why Length of Your Articles is Important for SEO

#5 Have a Keyword in Mind

Whenever you are brainstorming articles, you need to remember to brainstorm keywords. We have written plenty about keywords on this blog, but it cannot be overstated. If you are wanting to write an article about pet animals, start researching relevant keywords to incorporate into your content. You can search for keywords through Google’s Keyword Tool or Keyword Magnet. Either way, you need to use a tool to assist you in generating keyword ideas applicable to your subject.

Once you have developed a list of potential keywords, perhaps four or five, you need to then develop keyword phrases. A keyword phrase is something similar to the following: best pizza cutters online. The keyword itself is pizza cutters but the phrase is something to slightly expand upon the keyword.  Why do this? Google is tired of people stuffing keywords into their content. You definitely want to use keywords, but not at the expense of quality and the article being valuable! Once you have your keyword phrases, incorporate those into your article. This is a very simply tip that many forget about!

#4 Use an Introduction Box

This is one thing that many people do not use at all. In fact, many people do not even know what an introduction box is. Let me paint a picture for you. You are reading an article and by the time you scan through the first paragraph, you figure out this was not what you were looking for and you move on!! Perhaps if you would have finished the article you would have found it is was valuable. Unfortunately, people have a short attention span which is why you need an introduction box. Here is an example below:

In this blog post we focus on the Top 5 Niche Content Tips to ensure your content converts. You will learn:

  • How to Embed Keywords into Content
  • How to Catch Readers From the Beginning

Like that? I knew you would. I am sure there are many plugins out there that do this, but I currently use Special Text Boxes. I only use the free version and have not used the Pro Version, but it definitely catches the eye. In your introduction box you will write a very succinct description of what the read will learn by proceeding. You can use these in multiple ways though. For example, I primarily use it to highlight the main points for those skimming my posts. Above all, capture the reader from the beginning.

#3 Don’t be Afraid to Link Out

Another huge mistake many writers make is they do not link to other websites. At this point I have linked out at least a few times. The concern many people have is that by linking out, you will lose visitors. I believe this to be completely false. Your number one job is to provide value, and if you are ignoring outside resources, you are likely not providing value. By linking out you tell the reader that you are an authority, someone who offers resources, and a website that is not afraid to give the readers excellent tools. This is exactly what readers want.

On top of the value you can bring to your readers, you can also get a significant SEO boost. The Moz Blog provides some excellent reasons on why this works. With that being said, I have seen significant increases in traffic from pages that did not have links and then pages that I added links to. For example, I added two very important and authoritative links to a page with lots of content, but no traffic. After a couple of months I noticed it started to get ranked. Finally, I found the page in the top 10. The point is that this truly can be a fatal mistake!

#2 Be Clear and Concise

One of the biggest problems with writing is that we tend to just let things flow. Eventually we let things flow to the point that our writing is incredibly complex. In reality, we may know what we mean, but the reader might not. If the reader cannot understand your sentences, then Google is going to have trouble too. This is probably one of my biggest weaknesses though. We are passionate about a topic, so we write a lot about it. The problem is that we know more than the reader. Which is why we have to be very clear and concise.

What does this mean in practice? First, it means that your sentence actually has to have a purpose. When I am writing about products, each sentence is focused on a particular conclusion. See the following example: This bicycle provides 6 different gear shifts which allow the rider to handle different terrains easily. This sentence focuses on a positive attribute of the product and why it is important. Instead, many people write the following: This bicycle has the best gear shifts out of any bicycle, allowing someone to handle many different terrains such as mountains, creeks, dirt, and your common road at the same time. Although this sentence is descriptive, it is unfortunately too descriptive. Second, this also highlights that the first sentence is much more concise. Just remember, the reader needs to actually understand the who, what, and why in a simple way!!

#1 Write a Minimum of 1000 Words

I very rarely write any articles, posts, or product reviews in less than 1000 words. Part of this is because I want to provide that added value to the reader and part is for SEO purposes. To the first point, you simply cannot provide the value to the reader in much less than 1000 words. Yes, it can be done, but often it can’t be. Because we are not all authors, we need to ensure we are going the extra mile. This means that we need to focus on every detail. Even at this point in this article, I am over 1000 words. The reason is because I want to provide that added value to the reader.

Second, from an SEO perspective, it pretty much has been proven your content will fair better. Forbes wrote an excellent article focusing on the details of this theory. The point is that 1000 words should be a minimum because the more content you have, the higher the chances you will rank for various keywords. Further, the search engines will recognize that you are providing a lot of resources all in one place. At the beginning of my niche website experience, I was shooting for the 400 to 800 word mark. Unfortunately, this just did not cut it. Stick to 1000 words plus and you will get hit with some major traffic!!

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