Profitable Niche Ideas

Profitable Niche Ideas

When starting your niche website the biggest problem is researching a niche. I believe profitable niche ideas are everywhere and are simply waiting to be cultivated. Honestly, how often have you visited a website and thought you could do better? Probably a lot. The point is that a niche website is only as good as what you put into it. It can be a struggle, but your first step is researching your niche. Luckily, in this article I am going to be providing you with a list of profitable niche ideas! Seriously! I am going to do the research and continue to update this on a monthly basis.

We will be updating this list on a constant basis. Please bookmark this page to keep posted on profitable niche ideas.

Where to Start

My Keyword research tools are important. When I say that, I mean very important. I could not find niche ideas without them. I should rephrase . . . I could not find profitable niche ideas without them. The reality today is that you have to spend a lot of time initially vetting and understanding the competition. This includes analyzing the keyword target, associated keywords, and long tail related keywords. Once you have done that, you need to focus on making the idea profitable. Focus on building the best website or service in that area. Focus on being better than everyone else out there. Most online entrepreneurs fail at this step. They slowly stop focusing on the site or service and it dies.

Even though we are providing an awesome list of profitable niche ideas, continue to focus on succeeding as it is 90% of the battle!

Tools We Use

  • Keyword Finder – This is an amazing tool! You can evaluate what keywords are viable, keywords you might have missed, search volumes, and niche level research. We will be using this tool to show you the best keywords for various profitable niche ideas.
  • SERP Checker – Although Keyword Finder provides the keyword research to succeed, SERP Checker evaluates your competition. It focuses on getting you all the information you need to compete. Simple but amazing.

Finding a Niche and Finding a Profitable Niche are Two Different Things

One of the first questions should always ask is what is the difference between a niche and a profitable niche and why it is important. As an online entrepreneur you understand the value of consistent profitability. Think about websites as a whole whether it be services, products, or affiliate marketing. All of those websites must be profitable or at least break even to be self-sustaining. One of the biggest mistakes online entrepreneurs make is that they find a niche but it is not a profitable niche or a self-sustaining niche.

Finding a profitable niche can be tough but you need to start the process by focusing on finding a niche. It might sound counterintuitive as the goal would be to profit but the reality is you need to find gaps in online businesses and services. I have written extensively about finding a niche, researching keywords, and even included some resources for keyword and competitions are. The bottom line is that your first step should be focusing on finding a viable niche category. From there, you focus on finding profitability.

Finding profitability in a niche website is not in and of itself a tough endeavor. What do I mean by that? Simple. Finding products market, products to sell, services to sell, or even information with advertising space, is not tough. Actually getting individuals to utilize your online business or niche website is the tough part. Nevertheless, once you find a niche, that is a viable, you need to focus on focus on what associated product, services, or advertising is applicable. For example, if you were creating an online niche business focusing on Sicilian cooking, you could easily market cooking products, equipment, books, and general advertise. If on the other hand you were focusing on veterinary schools as your niche, you are probably limited to advertising relevant school program.

The bottom line is that anyone can find a niche and anyone find products or services to sell and advertise, but it is a true process and often a tough one find a true viable and profitable niche.

Just one minute though. . .

We are going to lay the foundational work for you and provide our monthly list which will be updated to reflect what we have found might be profitable niche ideas. Of course there are different spins on all of it and a lot of opportunity in various areas but we want to provide our team with the best resources possible to build your online business. Without further ado here we go!

Profitable Niche Ideas

To show you some details of how I analyze these issues, our first few examples will provide you with an more in-depth analysis of finding profitable niche ideas 😉

  • Minimalist Personal Finance

Oh minimalism. Amazing how minimalism has been making a huge push given the millenial generation. Josh Becker, blogger at Becoming a Minimalist states that minimalism is “intentionally trying to live with only the things I really need.” This is an excellent definition and I truly see minimalism continuing to be a successful niche area. Why? Well let’s look into minimalism in general and then I will get into the finance part.

Google Trends – Minimalism

What does this show us? Minimalism as a whole is on the upswing. You might be wondering whether this impacts our niche on personal finance . . . we will get to that. Above all, minimalism is a movement that is gaining steam. It focuses on simplification but there is a lot to talk about. Checkout this article from Forbes and you will learn a bit more on the topic in general. Above all, the topic is clearly trending and it would be my guess that it will continue to grow. Moving forward, how does this fit into personal finance.

Google Trends – Personal Finance

Now, what does this show us? Personal finance in general is trending up.  You can see that from 2013 to 2016 it has risen from hovering at or below 75 to at or above 75. This is great news. The even better news is that personal finance gives you something more actionable from a profitability standpoint. You may not know what I mean . . . Minimalism on its own might be tough to create a profitable niche but pairing it with a product based niche helps with that.  Let’s dive a bit deeper.

Keyword Lists

One of the most important issues to analyze are the keywords for the niche. In fact, I would go as far as saying it is the most important issue. We can start looking at this issue for Minimalist Personal Finance by utilizing the Keyword Finder tool.  Checkout below for what we found:

The important part to initially focus on is the minimalist finance keyword. The difficulty is 42 which is not bad and it is trending.  However, look at the other options on the board.  Certainly tough to place for directly but when it comes to long tail the options are endless.  Let’s look at the competition.

Alright! You might be wondering what the heck? Are these applicable above? Yes! These are sites that have placed for the general topic but it highlights that, Forbes, GetRichSlowly, and many other big names have focused on this niche. Imagine if you  . . . were the one to push it to the next level!.

Finding Products

For this niche website to be profitable, you need to find referral sources, products, services, and so on to actually be profitable . . . we do that for you here.  Seriously, our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible so you can succeed with your niche. When I say succeed, I truly mean succeed in every sense of the word.

(More Coming Soon!)

  • Dog Safety

I love my dog! Literally do. As I am writing this she is sleeping (snoring) right next to me (laying on top of me). Enough about her though, dog safety is becoming a huge topic. I like this topic because it really applies to dogs, cats, and pets in general. In other words, even though I am providing you with an excellent idea of “dog safety”, other niches are out there. Let’s just start with pet spending which has increased over $20 billion every 5 to 7 years. Amazing. Maybe I should start a pet niche . . .  just kidding.  Let’s dig into this profitable niche category.

Google Trends – Dog Safety

Interesting . . . Not too much fluctuation up or down. Although it certainly looks like some high points and low points, it generally looks pretty steady.  Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not!  I love a growing niche.  Do not get me wrong at all, but a constant niche, that is something I can get on board with. Keyword lists are equally important in this niche as dog safety is somewhat general. Let’s see what keywords are available there.

Keyword Lists

Once again . . . one of the most important issues to analyze are the keywords for the niche especially if you think it is a profitable one. Why? The more keywords the more traffic the more customers the more revenue . . . Once again I utilized the Keyword Finder tool.  Checkout below for what we found:

Love it. Let’s checkout specific dog safety keywords as well . . . 

I just have to be honest here . . . I love this niche. I love it because there are sooo many options. You could decide to dominate the dog niche but if you do a little bit deeper digging you might find yourself wanting to focus on cats . . . reptiles . . . JK.  But seriously, the options of this niche are amazing. At this point there is not central source pet safety nor dog safety. There is no authority. There is no micro authority. There is nobody. Somebody, please jump on this niche.

Home Drug Tests

Now I know what you are thinking . . . home drug tests . . . really. I am here to say really. Home drug tests is a fairly large topic and one that ultimately has a significant number of microniches. The bottom line is that there is a market, keywords galore, and a million product options. You might be concerned that this is a topic that might be tough to tap into but we are here to show you why there are multiple and endless options here.  Let’s start with some analysis from our good friends over at Amazon. Sometimes, when it comes to finding profitable niche ideas I start with the products themselves.  Let’s take a peek.

Product Lists

Occasionally, I will work through Amazon when analyzing my niche ideas. The reason I do this is because often many of my more profitable niche websites include some sort of product from Amazon.  For more information on utilizing Amazon to increase sales, checkout my post. Here though I am going to focus on the products offered and see what type of additional options and traffic there might be with those sales.

Amazon Keyword List

This is a great thing. First, there are 6 different categories of tests offered under the general category of home drug tests. This is an excellent first step. This means there are multitudes of keywords and products to be offered within those keywords. Second, see #5 on the list! $129.99 per product. This is great because it shows there are high end products within this niche. This means it can be a profitable niche. Finally, the fact that there are packs of products means that individuals are using these products on a regular basis and are reordering. Now we should look at the search volumes.

Keyword Lists

This is obviously a very good thing. As you can see from the list above there are multiple keywords with significant volume. Of course you would have to analyze the competition for each individual keyword for the purpose of analyzing what would be viable and what might not be. Nevertheless, this topic clearly has volume and a multitude of niche categories.

We will continue to add profitable niche ideas to this list as we research additional niches. It is our goal to create the largest directory of profitable niche ideas and update them on an as needed basis. Please make sure to bookmark this page so that you can come back and see the updates that we will be making on a monthly basis. Although we will not provide constant updates, we will be updating this list as quickly as possible as we research profitable niche ideas.




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