Profitable Niche Ideas

Profitable Niche Ideas

When starting your niche website the biggest problem is researching a niche. I believe profitable niche ideas are everywhere and are simply waiting to be cultivated. Honestly, how often have you visited a website and thought you could do better? Probably a lot. The point is that a niche website is only as good as… Click Here to Read More

An 8 Page Website Can Pay Your Mortgage

I recently began experimenting with micro niche websites again. A micro niche website is a website that is limited and laser focused in content that very rarely expands more than 10 to 20 pages. Historically, micro niche websites were the most popular mechanism to passive income. In the late 1990s and early 2000s you could… Click Here to Read More

Building a WordPress Membership Site

Membership Website

Building a Wordpress Membership Site is one of those ideas that can create long lasting niche success. You can become an expert in a specific area. You can serve members of the group in a more focused manner. You can generate income on a consistent basis from your members. However, it can be a tough… Click Here to Read More

How Online Entrepreneurs Succeed in Niche Markets

How Online Entrepreneurs Succeed in Niche Markets

Every entrepreneur hopes for the time in which they will have built a successful, self-sustaining business. This often includes having a business that you are passionate about. It also includes having a business that provides you with purpose. Passion, purpose, and perseverance are key components to any successful entrepreneur. In this post, I want to… Click Here to Read More

Part I: What are Landing Pages

What are Landing Pages

Have you ever walked into a store and immediately are drawn to a display of products? Perhaps you were walking into a grocery store and all of a sudden there are a wide variety of flowers that have caught your eye and next thing you know is that you actually purchased one of those flowerpots… Click Here to Read More

Part III: Developing a Voice Dictation Content Strategy

Voice Dictation Content Strategy

Many of you read the previous two (Post I and Post II) posts discussing the many benefits of voice dictation software, including the awesome benefits of using the Dragon dictation software. At this point, you should understand the value of voice dictation, the value of utilizing the best software for it, and the unbelievable return… Click Here to Read More

Part II: Using Dragon Software to Generate High Quality Content

Dragon Software

Welcome back to our next installment of changing your content generation strategy through voice dictation. Are you interested in saving time? Are you interested in saving resources? Did you read our previous post on the benefits of voice dictation software? If you answered no to the previous question, I would suggest that you read the article… Click Here to Read More

Part I: Using Voice Dictation to Generate High Quality Content

Voice Dictation Software

One of the hardest parts about building a blog or building a website is that you need to be constantly developing content for your viewers. This is a significant problem when you see significant growth and cannot keep up with the various tasks of running a website. Ultimately, the reason it becomes such a major… Click Here to Read More