Part I: Using Voice Dictation to Generate High Quality Content

Voice Dictation Software

One of the hardest parts about building a blog or building a website is that you need to be constantly developing content for your viewers. This is a significant problem when you see significant growth and cannot keep up with the various tasks of running a website. Ultimately, the reason it becomes such a major… Click Here to Read More

Using Twitter and Hootsuite To Generate Niche Income

Today I am going to be talking to you about one of the best tools for affiliate marketing. One of the biggest problems with affiliate marketing is that it can take extensive amounts of time. For example, you need to get a link to a product, develop the content, and distribute that link with the… Click Here to Read More

2015 Ultimate Niche Website SEO Strategy

Niche Website SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is the most important factor when building your niche websites. Over two years ago I developed a niche website SEO strategy that has been used widely in my own practice. The problem is that over time Google has changed the way it values certain aspects of SEO. What followed was that many… Click Here to Read More

Top 5 Niche Content Tips

Developing content for your niche website is an absolute must. Not only must you develop content, but the content needs to be valuable. One of the biggest mistakes I see is people drafting content that is not valuable at all. So what do I mean by not valuable? I mean content that people look past after 10 seconds. #5… Click Here to Read More

Where to Host my Niche Website

Hosting for your niche website can be one of the most overlooked but immensely important decisions you make when building a niche website. Why?? The problem is actually multiple problems stemming from the fact that many people do not understand how a hosting company impacts their website, their business, and their time. I unfortunately have learned this the… Click Here to Read More

5 Ways to Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings

Building an Amazon Niche Website is one of the best ways to diversify your earnings. On top of that, Amazon offers an unbelievable amount of products to choose from. There is definitely something for every type of product niche on Amazon. I have written on Amazon Niche Website before and am happy to say that… Click Here to Read More

Starting Your Own Webinar Business

A few weeks ago, I had an interesting conversation with another individual that builds niche websites. We were talking about new ways to engage our current visitors and offering new products. He explained to me one of his biggest secrets for offering engaging materials to niche website visitors: Webinars!  This was an interesting topic and… Click Here to Read More

How to Choose the Right Amazon Affiliate Product

One of the biggest questions I get from my readers is what are some of the best affiliate programs for a niche website.  I have one answer: STOP FOCUSING ON THE PROGRAM AND FOCUS ON THE PRODUCT!!!!  This leads me to our discussion today: Amazon is one of the best affiliate programs for beginners and… Click Here to Read More