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In this post, I wanted to take the time to explain the importance of organization and some of my insights into Niche Site Organization.  Now, the title might be a bit misleading as I am not talking about organizing the site itself, but rather every link and download you might use for your Niche Site.  This is extremely important because you will be doing a lot of back and forth when it comes to writing, looking for graphics, affiliate links, and pretty much everything else.

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Why Organize Now?

Alright, so some of us might not purport to be as organized as myself.  That should not matter!!  When you are starting any business, and this is a business, you MUST be organized.  If you do not stay organized you will find yourself spending countless amounts of time searching for what you need.  Organization will also allow you to focus on your Niche Site and creating other Niche Websites in your portfolio.

Organization will allow you to focus on the soon to be famous, Passion, Purpose, and Profits.  The main issue is that a Niche Site will create endless amounts of links, pictures, articles, and tools.  However, you likely will hold onto these because they will be important in creating your other Niche Sites.  In addition, many articles and links you write at later points will require you to be even more organized.  Nevertheless, here are a few tips on how I stay organized with every Niche Site I create.

Browser Organization

Whether you are using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or another browser, make sure you keep this tool organized.  Every browser allows you to bookmark various links into folders or categories.  This is an absolute must for organization.  Here is exactly what I do when I am attempting to organize my browser.  One quick note:  I use multiple profiles with Google Chrome which keep my social browsing and business browsing separate.

Create the Following Folders

Main Folder: Domain Name


  • Affiliate Links: Includes Anything I Have Affiliate Links For
  • Articles Written: Includes Links to All Articles Written and Article Writing Websites
  • Bookmarking: This Will Include Social Bookmarking Links – Discussed Later
  • Google Info: Google Apps, E-mail, Analytics, Webmaster Tools
  • Hosting: Anything Related to Hosting and Domains
  • Social Profiles: All Social Profiles
  • Web 2.0 Properties: Web 2.0 Sites – Discussed Later
  • WordPress: All WordPress Links

Main Folder: Web Dev Tools


  • Code Tutorials: At Some Point You Will Work with Code, Include Any Resources Here
  • Images: Including any Links to Image Websites
  • SEO: Include Any Tips or Search Engine Optimization Resources Here – Discussed Later
  • Themes: Include All WordPress Theme Links Here

Now I do this for every single Niche Site I create.  If you do use Google Chrome, you can create different browser profiles for each website.  This is a great feature because it automatically keeps your password organization in check.  Otherwise, I would suggest having a Google Spreadsheet with all of your passwords for each website.  The Web Dev Tools folder remains the same for each Niche Site with the exception of the Images.  Normally I use multiple Themes however I do like to keep all the links in one place.

Computer Organization

Now, although your Browser organization is the most important piece, you will likely be keeping a lot of information on your own computer.  This is extremely personal, from an organizational standpoint, however I do have some useful tips for organizing your computer.

First, I would download DropBox if you do not already have it.  Basically it syncs your files on the computer and backs them up in the cloud.  That way you lose nothing.  I then create a separate Folder in DropBox for each Niche.  From there you can organize Articles, Pictures, and Code that you have used into various sub-folders.  Not the greatest tips but at least something that will help you get started.  I would go more in depth, however most people already have their own system, so I prefer not to mess with that.  However, that being said, the Browser Organization is the most important to me.  It should be to you too!

In Closing

These tips should help you stay organized.  Although I use some other extreme organization tactics and task lists, this will at the very least help you get started in a more organized manner.  Now, before we get into Writing Content, I will discuss some of the general SEO or Search Engine Optimization Basics.  See you then!

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