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Hopefully you got some rest from our last tutorial.  This one will be a bit shorter and will discuss the best Niche WordPress Themes.  As you know from my previous post, you can change the Theme to your website.  This is excellent because there are literally millions of themes out there.  Some themes work better than other for Niche Sites though.  Because of this, I thought I would spend a post discussing some excellent options from themes that I have used before.

Below, some of these links are affiliate links of products that I use.  If you click the link and sign up, I will get paid for referring you.  You will not pay anymore and at times get a better deal by using my links.  If you are not interested no worries, there are other alternatives.  If you do use one of the products, thanks so much for your support!

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Tools Discussed

  • Amazon WordPress Theme – This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Amazon Theme. If you are building any number of Amazon focused niche websites, this is the theme for you.
  • Thesis Theme – I absolutely stand behind this theme 100%.  In fact, this website is built using the Thesis Theme. It is flexible, offers numerous skins, and can be used for ALL of your niche websites.

How do WordPress Themes Work?

In a nutshell, you download a theme in a Zip File.  Then you can install it straight into your WordPress Administration Page.  Activate the theme, then start tweaking it.  Pretty simple right?  Now, because all themes are different, it will be tough for me to go extremely in depth on all themes.  However, I will explain some of the key things I look for in Niche WordPress Themes and provide you with some excellent resources.

Just so you know, often when you upload a WordPress Theme, there will be options for that Theme.  Options can include colors, width, images, advertising, menus, and much more.  This likely will depend on the theme itself.  Also, there are millions of Free WordPress Themes out there so you will not find a shortage of options.  If anything, you might have trouble finding a theme and sticking with it.  Nevertheless, here are some tips I have when looking for an excellent Niche WordPress Theme.

What to Look for in a Niche WordPress Theme

There are a few different attributes I look for in a theme.  Above all, general flexibility is key because you might want to make various changes down the line or even right away.  Here are some things to look for when searching for excellent Niche WordPress Themes:

  • Advertising Widgets
  • Sidebar Options
  • About Us Option on Landing Page (Basically creates an introduction box for you)
  • Header Advertising Option
  • Main Menu Options (The menu at the top to navigate)
  • Separate Footer Menu Options (The menu on the bottom – See this website)

Basically, advertising widgets allow you to place ads in the sidebar on the right.  Sidebar Options provide you will more widgets for your sidebar.  And the rest is pretty much obvious.  The key is that with a WordPress Theme with these qualities, you will have the flexibility to create a magnificent looking Niche Website.  Please keep in mind color schemes.  Often blue is the best in my opinion, but ultimately this is up to you!  Now, where does one find excellent Niche Website WordPress Themes?

Where to Find Niche Website WordPress Themes

Amazon WordPress Theme

The Amazon WordPress Theme is probably my favorite theme out of them all. You can easily use this theme to ensure you have the best WordPress Amazon product niche site. It provides you with specific ways to place products, incorporate reviews, and above all it is highly adjustable. I love the theme and absolutely use it for all of my niche websites focused on Amazon products. If you are using the Amazon affiliate program, BUY THIS THEME NOW!


DIYThemes is my very close but second choice.  It can be a bit more expensive, however it is completely worth it.  Their themes are completely customized for your needs and it is all do it yourself in a very simple way.  Check out their showcase to see some of the cool things people do with their themes.  I currently make use of this with one of my sites and am always back and forth between this place and the one I mentioned above.  DIYThemes is definitely worth the investment if you have found a killer Niche Keyword.  Also, if you are looking to build multiple sites then this is an excellent option as well.

WordPressThemesBase (FREE)

This website has many different free themes for you to look through.  When I started, I used as many free themes as possible.  They work extremely well and you will not have any problems with these.  In the end, it is free! Tough to beat a free WordPress Theme.  Caution though, they often have less features and less flexibility with little support.  However, if you want to bootstrap your endeavor then these will work fine for you!

Installing a WordPress Theme

Although it is simple to upload these themes, I will break it down for you into steps much like everything else.  Here we go!

Step 1: Find a Theme

Step 2: Press Download (Remember, stay organized, place it in a themes folder within your general website folder on your computer)

Step 3: Hover Over Appearance in Your WordPress Admin Page, Click “Themes”

Step 4: Click “Install Theme”

Step 5: Click “Upload”

Step 6: Find File and Click Upload then Activate Theme

Pretty simple right!  If you check your Niche Site you will see a brand new look.  Like I mentioned before, WordPress Themes have many different options and might include some new areas in your administration page to click.  If you have any question, please feel free to leave a comment and I will work hard to help you out.

Final Note

Investing in a WordPress Theme is not always necessary when you are just starting.  In fact, I only bought a WordPress Theme when I had been working on my Niche Sites for about 6 months.  Nevertheless, they are great tools and provide much better options.  I only provide them here as a resource if you are looking into even more features.  Trust me, on your first site, you can definitely get away with choosing a free theme.

At this point you should have a functioning website with NO content.  You have a theme that works for you and that is flexible enough for you to create an excellent Niche Website.  In the next sections I am going to discuss some of the housekeeping you must do to create an excellent Niche Site along with Finding and Writing Content for Your New Niche Website!

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