Niche Site Tools

Hopefully you have had the opportunity to read my Niche Site Tutorial.  If you have, many of the tools I discuss in there are also listed here.  Nevertheless, I have had many people ask me to list the tools I used and some of the tools I did not discuss in the tutorial.  Without further ado, here are the Niche Site Tools  that I use!

Below, some of these links are affiliate links of products that I use.  If you click the link and sign up, I will get paid for referring you.  You will not pay anymore and at times get a better deal by using my links.  If you are not interested no worries, there are other alternatives.  If you do use one of the products, thanks so much for your support!

Research Tools

  • Google Keyword Tool: Excellent FREE tool to research your keywords.  I always use this tool regardless of anything else.
  • SEMRushThis is my favorite tool. It offers everything you need and really sets you up to scale any type of website or online business.
  • KWFinder: This is also a great tool that has some free searches built in. I have used the paid version but ultimately the free can assist you on an as needed basis. Check it out!

Niche Site Building Tools

  • BustaName: My favorite tool for researching domain names.  You can literally find so many combinations and it instantly checks if the domain is taken or not.  You can even get great deals on prices because they are much lower than what is even offered at domain registration sites.
  • BlueHost: My favorite hosting company.  It has been a great experience.  They are fast, everything is easy, and the customer service is excellent.  If you are building a niche site, you will need hosting.  Choose this and trust me you will never go back.
  • Godaddy: My second favorite hosting and domain company.  I used this in the past and have faith in the company.  I especially use this site for purchasing my domains since Bluehost is more expensive when it comes to just buying domains alone.
  • WooThemes: This is an excellent place to look for themes.  Some are paid and some are not so go at it.  This website is built with a WooTheme.
  • DIYThemes: Another great option for themes.  A few of my sites utilize these themes and I am very pleased with their services.

SEO Tools

  • Super Article Spinner: This is an excellent option and a tool that I recently started using. Do not mistake this for something that will write your content for your entire website, but as a supplemental tool it is an awesome choice!
  • Social Monkee: If you use nothing else, USE THIS.  This to me is an absolute necessity. I build over 10,000 backlinks per month with this service. They have a free version for 25 backlinks per day but the upper version gives you a massive amount more.  The best part is that there is a 60 day money back guarantee and it is a lifetime membership.  NO MONTHLY FEES.

E-mail Tools

  • AWeber: This is by far my favorite e-mail marketing tool.  I have an entire website that makes 90% of its money based off of e-mails I send out to people that signed up.  It is a daily deal type of website for actual products (not groupons or something).  Any way, I suggest using this tool as soon as possible if you are wanting to constantly update your readers.

Landing Page Tools

  • Instapage: This is one of the best products that I use. I have discussed landing pages on here before but it is probably the best method to get email subscribers, customers for presentations/webinars, and even introducing new products. Instapage does all of the heavy lifting and literally you reap the rewards. Try out the free trial to see what you think. I promise you won’t go back!!!

Social Media Tools

  • HootsuiteThis is literally the ultimate social media management system. Hootsuite offers both free and paid accounts but this tool allows you to post content, articles, and links across your various social media profiles. You can even pre-schedule posts months in advance! Read about how I make money using Twitter and Hootsuite to learn one of the many ways this tool can help you generate income!

Outsourcing Tools

  • oDesk:  I recently started using oDesk to outsource linkbuilding, article writing, and social media on a few of my sites.  Basically you post a job and people apply from all over the world.  If they do not do the work, you do not have to pay them.  I have found two excellent assistants from this site and will be using this site more and more.  I suggest you try it because you can get great deals.

Webinar Tools

  • GoToWebinar: I wrote a very detailed article on starting your own webinar business that you need to check out. This is one of the tools that is an absolute must if you intend to incorporate webinars into your business model. Without going into too much detail, this is an excellent product if you are wanting something that works, is month to month, and has an excellent track record.
  • EasyWebinar: This is a very very close second if you are working towards using webinars within your niche websites. This product gives you a lifetime license!!!! This is huge on its own. Beyond that, I believe it actualy has better features than GoToWebinar. I definitely recommend this product if you intend to fully incorporate this product into your business plan!

Voice Dictation Tools

  • Dragon Software: I recently wrote a series on the power of voice dictation and how it can change the way you approach writing content. My secret really is Dragon Dictation Software! I could not live without it at this point. For around $100 or less you can have a top of the line program that you can immediately download from Amazon today!

Amazon Tools

  • EasyAzon: If you are building an Amazon niche website, this is an absolute must and will save you tons of time! This product has paid for itself ten times over and I am happy to say that it is one of the best tools in my shed. You can easily add products and keep track of everything. Definitely check this one out!!
  • Amazon Theme: In addition to the above product, check this theme out if you are building out an excellent Amazon website. This is an excellent theme that I use on multiple niche sites.
I will continue to add the products and services that I use to this page.  These to me are some of the best paid and free tools out there for developing your niche site.  Yes, some investment might be needed; however if you have the time you can do much of this for free.  Just bear in mind, that these save about 90% of my time!  If you have any questions feel free to contact me!