You Found a Niche, Now What?

Finding NichesWelcome back!  Hopefully, after a nap or some dinner, you are ready to get started again.  This portion is fairly straight forward, however I thought I would discuss in depth how you go from several Niche topics, to one, and to start building you Niche Website.  The great news is that you are now in the position to begin a great new project that is always fun.  The somewhat negative news is that now you need to invest in your project.  In order to build a website you must purchase a domain name and get web hosting.  Below, I will highlight the entire process so you can get started making passive income off of your Niche Website!

Below, some of these links are affiliate links of products that I use.  If you click the link and sign up, I will get paid for referring you.  You will not pay anymore and at times get a better deal by using my links.  If you are not interested no worries, there are other alternatives.  If you do use one of the products, thanks so much for your support!

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Narrowing Your Niche

At this point, you will likely have several different options; however although you need to keep this list do pick one topic to begin building your Niche Website.  Why focus on one?  To be honest, it is extremely tough to focus on multiple projects at once.  This is a process, a successful one, however you need to focus on one site at a time.  At a later point you can afford to focus on multiple projects because you will have created multiple Niche Sites that need little upkeep and are providing multiple streams of passive income.

Here is how I choose a Niche, once I have developed a list of Keywords that are not competitive:

  1. What are you interested in the most?  Pick 3!
  2. Which Keyword has the least competition? Pick 3!
  3. Which Keyword has the most monthly local searches? Pick 3!
  4. Which Keyword has the highest CPC? Pick 3!

Remember, all of this information can be found on the list or spreadsheet you built when you were Finding a Niche.  Now you will have 4 separate lists with 3 Keywords each.  In total, you could have as many as 12 different Keywords.  However, if there is a Keyword that fits into all four different categories then pick that one!  If not, use your best judgment to narrow down which Keyword ranks the highest in these categories.

If you do have 12, I would pick the Keyword that has the most monthly local searches since likely all of these keywords have low competition since they are on your list.  Do you have a Niche yet?  We sure hope so.  If not, attempt to go back to Finding a Niche and look for different topics or interests.  If you are tired of your own interests, try to experiment and see if you find something great.  Remember, this works for Niche Sites and Micro Niche Sites!

Alright, hopefully you have narrowed down your niche!  You should be excited because now you can actually start building your Niche Website.

Choosing a Domain and Hosting

Your Domain Name is the URL used to visit your website.  For example, “”.  These are extremely important in my opinion and can give your website a huge boost in the search engines.  This acts as your Brand name for your website so we need to make sure it is something interesting and easy to remember, especially if you are attempting to have return visitors.

Right now you should have your one Keyword Phrase.  We will continue with the “Pet Training” example.  One Rule I try to Never break is to keep the Keyword Phrase in the Domain I choose.  Obviously, “” is taken.  Often times the exact match might be taken.  However, remember we checked to make sure exact match Domains were not in the Top 10 when you searched the term.  So even though someone owns the exact match domain, they are not using it or doing a great job with it.  If you do find an exact match, excellent.  An exact match will help you that much more!

How do I check for Domains?

Well, there are many different tools out there, however I use BustaName to research available domain names.  I DO NOT use it to purchase Hosting though!  I simply use it to research domain names.  Why?  I personally use BlueHost for my Hosting and Domain name for a few reasons.

BlueHost allows you to get a a FREE Domain and you can Host  the website for as little as $4.95 per month.  I have used Godaddy, the much more famous company (Thanks Super Bowl), however there you have to pay for the Domain and Hosting separately!  This means you spend more money.  This hosting and Domain service is dirt CHEAP and works great.  Above all, by far the best deal in my eyes.  Not to mention, BlueHost is extremely reliable and has the best customer service around.  Now, if you DO NOT want to use BlueHost, you can purchase your Domain and Hosting while researching available Domain Names at BustaName.  Bear in mind, all of my tutorials will depend on you using BlueHost though!  You will not be lost as I will tell you what to look for, however it might be easier to follow if you end up choosing BlueHost.

Why do you need Hosting?  Basically Hosting allows you to put the website online.  Buying a domain name only gives you a name.  If you want to have the website show up and be Active, you NEED Hosting!

Here are the steps I use to find my Domain name with the Keyword Phrase I have picked for my new Niche Website:

  1. Go to BustaName
  2. Type in your Phrase as ONE word in the “Start Here – Word Combiner” Box – Press “Add”
  3. In the “Quick Domain Check” Box, type in your Keyword Phrase as ONE word – This will show you if an exact match .Com, .Net, or .Org is available.  I Always stick to .Com or .Org, however all three are viewed in the search engines the same!  This means, if you have an exact match .Net, Google does not penalize you for NOT having a .Com.  However, in my experience, readers are less willing to go to a .Net. If you found one, Go to Step G! Skip the others!
  4. If an Exact Match is NOT available, go back to the “Start Here – Word Combiner” Box and start typing in and “Adding” the following words: “HQ”, “World”, “E”, “Blog”, “Hub”, “Now”, “Great”, and any other words you feel might make sense with your Keyword Phrase.
  5. Once you have added all you need to Add, in the Middle “Available Domains” box, BustaName will show you what names are Available for purchase!  Remember, the Domain MUST include the Keyword Phrase for Your Niche.
  6. Choose Which Domain to Use!  Now, adding words such as HQ or World will not hurt you because your domain will still contain the Keyword Phrase your Niche Website will be covering.  Many Niche Websites do this.  As for which one to choose, I believe the shorter the better and it needs to make sense and be easy to remember.  I found 2 Domains: “” and “”.  See Image 1 Below.
  7. Remembering which Domain Name you Chose, go to BlueHost or stay on BustaName to purchase the Domain with Hosting.  Of course you can use whatever Domain and Hosting provider you choose.  See Image 2 Below.
  8. Click Sign Up Now and Enter Your Domain Name.  Continue through the sign up Process.  Bear in mind that it asks you to sign up for one year.  Your must choose at least 1 year, however if after 3 months you choose not to pursue your niche, YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK for the rest of the months.  Great deal!

At this point, you will now have both a Domain and Hosting for your Niche Website.  This is an excellent and necessary first step.  It is exciting to know that you will be creating something on your own and tracking its success!  I know I love the feeling when I start an excellent Niche.  Next we will discuss installing e-mail, WordPress, and how to use WordPress.  Hopefully you are excited and this tutorial has helped you understand how to begin your journey!

Image 1 – BustaName


Image 2 – BlueHost


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