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Now we are going to take a post to discuss the best methods for Monetizing Your Niche Site.  Although there are a few main streams of Passive Income you can create, there are obviously many different options.  Here I will focus on the main ways that I use and monetize my Niche Sites.  In addition, I will also cover an Adsense Tutorial because this is by far the most popular option when looking to Monetize your Niche Website.  Hopefully this will help you start to create a Niche Site that is not only useful but can also provide you with excellent passive income.

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Monetize Options

Google Adsense:  Adsense is by far the most popular option when it comes to building Niche Sites.  All you do is sign up, build an ad, and paste the code into your website.  When people Click the ad, you get paid!  The key with Adsense is having a good Click Through Rate or CTR.  This can be done my changing the colors and the positions of the ad.  Above all, Google pays out billions of dollars every year to website owners so if this can fit within your niche, I highly suggest using it.  There are certain rules such as no more than 3 ads per page and you cannot manipulate it to trick your audience to click.  However, you can customize colors and positions to make it earn you some excellent money.

Amazon:  Amazon is excellent if your Niche includes actual products that one is looking to purchase.  The best part about it is that if you refer someone to Amazon for dog food and they purchase a book within 24 hours, you still get the commission!  Literally they can purchase anything and you still get paid.  Now, you do need to refer a lot of people to get paid, however my own personal Amazon Niche Site brings in around $200 per month and I rarely touch it anymore.  In fact, I could spend sometime on it and probably earn a bit more. is similar to Adsense in that you can get paid for clicks.  The payouts are not nearly as good but the ads look much more natural than Google Adsense.  This is an excellent secondary option on top of Adsense because you can only have 3 Adsense ads per page.  Although the payouts are low, you need to monetize where you can.  Use it in addition to Adsense in my opinion.

BuySellAds:  BuySellAds allows you to sell your own ads on your Niche Site.  I only advise this once you have gotten a significant amount of traffic and your niche fits in line with what they offer.  Basically you can tell the company you have 2000 visitors per month and sell ad space for $10 per month.  I use this on one site and it adds some income but remember the Niche Site needs to have traffic for companies wanting to purchase the ads.

Marketing Networks:  ClickBank and ShareaSale offer products that you can sell on your website.  This is an excellent opportunity if you have the right Niche as they have a lot of high payouts.  I should warn you though, speaking of value, some of the products on these websites are just stupid.  I have purchased many Niche Tutorials on these websites and received little value.  If you want repeat customers, make sure the products are worthwhile.

Job Boards:  Indeed and other job websites will allow you to place job boards on your website.  You get paid for people applying to jobs and can set your own rates for posting jobs.  This has not provided me much income but I have made money for very little work.  That being said it is only worth it if it makes sense within your Niche!

These are some, if not all, of the tools I use when monetizing my website.  There are hundreds of other options though so please feel free to contact me if you are having trouble.  In addition, implementation of these products is extremely simple as well.  I would advise you to sign up for all of these and place them in your Affiliates Folder for reference.  You never know when you might have another opportunity to monetize your Niche Site.

Google Adsense Tutorial

Now, in my opinion, if you are just starting, Google Adsense is the way to go.  I use Google Adsense consistently in some form on all of my websites and it has provided me with the bulk of my income.  That being said, there are many different things you can do to increase the clicks you receive from your visitors.  Here, I will discuss some of my methods to get you started with Google Adsense on your Niche Site.

First, sign up for Google Adsense.  The control panel has many different options but for now there are only a few general rules that you should think about when creating your ads.

In my opinion, text ads are the best.  As you can see, flash or picture ads are available, however I have much better click through rates with link ads.  Here are some rules to follow when creating text ads:

  • Be Specific With Titles:  When you create an ad, you must title it.  I normally title it with my site name then position.  For example, “PetTraining – Header”.  You can actually get much more detailed than that, however with smaller Niche Sites this should suffice.  Mainly this will allow you to analyze what individual ads are receiving the most clicks.
  • Use Colors Wisely:  Regardless of the colors you use for your own links, make sure they look similar.  I nearly always go with Blue simply because people are used to clicking blue links.  The point is not to trick your visitors but rather to make your Niche Site look good aesthetically.  If you have Blue links and Red Adsense links, it is almost a stop sign psychologically and will also make your site look extremely odd.
  • Sizes and Positioning:  Different themes perform better with different sizes.  Many people have their own opinion.  For example on 2 of my sites 250×250 perform extremely well while on another they don’t.  I am convinced it comes down to looking natural.  If the ad naturally fits in that space, it will perform better.  Simple as that.  Don’t waste your time reading about the thousands of articles discussing ad sizes.  Test it out yourself.  Speaking of testing.
  • Test Your Ads:  Once you have some consistent traffic, likely at the end of this tutorial, start to test out your ads.  Test colors, sizes, and positioning.  I personally will test out a changed ad for two weeks and compare it to the previous ad.  If it performs better, I keep it.

These are just some of the issues you need to keep in mind when creating your ads.  There are many other features such as customized channels.  For now, since you are just beginning, I would advise you NOT to get bogged down in the other stuff.  Yes it is useful and Yes you will use it in the future; however for now just worry about getting the basics done.  Now let’s spend a little time discussing positioning of your ads within your Niche Site.

Positioning Your Ads

Position is really something that can increase your CTR and make you more money; however it is also something that allows your website to flow naturally.  I believe that Google’s job is to place relevant ads.  Those ads are worth clicking in Google’s eyes, therefore your job is to place them in spots that the reader might see them and be interested enough to click them.  Don’t place an ad below the phrase “Click me for Extra Money”, but place it in a spot that flows for the reader.  Here is an example.

As you can see, below Your Menu there is an Adsense box.  This might appear as if it is a part of the menu which does increase CTR, however it also flows because on Google’s end those ads should be relevant.  On the Content Section you have an Adsense box in the upper left corner.  Normally this is where people look first so it will allow them to view the Ads almost immediately.  Finally, on the right sidebar, you have Your Links – Adsense Links – Your Links.  This flows for the reader because if they are willing to click on your links then they will also have to look at the Adsense Links as well.

The second example simply shows everything above except there is an optional Adsense box in the middle of the content.  To me this flows as well simply because someone will be reading your article, then when they scroll down a relevant Ad will be placed between two paragraphs.  The reader will certainly see the Ad then.

Now, these are just a few options and can be used for a Homepage or an Article page.  Nevertheless, Ad Positioning is highly dependent on your actual theme and the themes options.  These are just a few of the positioning techniques I personally use.  If you stick with these and test out different methods, you will certainly see some major clicks with some traffic.

One Final Note

Remember, the point is to allow your ads to flow with your Niche Site.  Google also does not like too many ads above the fold (when you go to a webpage some of the webpage is below and you need to scroll down to see it, the fold is the point where you scroll down) so make sure you have 2 ads max above the fold.  Just make sure actual content is visible.  I do this for every website because although the ads are relevant, the main reason someone will visit your Niche Site is for your information, not the Ads.  That is the reality.  I will make sure to post a page on placing products as well but that is less important because if you are selling products, those should be the focus of the site.

Hopefully this will get you started with positions yourself to make some money on your Niche Site.  In the next few posts I will show you The Ultimate SEO Strategy to get you the most traffic within your Niche.  Remember, the work you put in now will pay off later if you follow this guide.  I do exactly all of these steps every time and once I am finished, I barely touch my sites other than to add new content from time to time and updated valuable information.  See you soon!

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