How to Start a Blog

How to Start a Blog

Starting your own blog can be a big decision and how to start a blog is normally the first question. If you are a freelancer or an individual that runs their own business then you have likely thought about this before. If however you are simply interested in creating a website that can offer you income opportunities, starting a blog may be the answer for you.

This website is a blog. It offers me the ability to focus on the niche of helping others create financial freedom through niche websites, blogs, and online businesses. That is my entire goal. Your blog or niche website could be on anything. We have spent a lot of time on this website talking about the process of building niche websites. In fact, we have a very in depth tutorial as you can see here. Sometimes though you already have the idea, passion, or willingness to begin the endeavor and simply want to know how to start a blog. This post will help you do that in less than 15 minutes!

This article promises to give you the no-nonsense, straightforward, and quick way to start a blog. There are some small decisions that you have to make along the process but if you are willing to dive right in then you can get this done and start your online endeavors.

Tools I Use For How to Start a Blog

  • Computer: Technically you could attempt all of this on a phone or tablet but the reality is that you will be writing articles, creating content, and otherwise needing a keyboard at some point! Make sure you have a computer.
  • BlueHost: BlueHost is where you will get a free domain and you will save all of your content for your website. Sign up with my link and you will not regret it. BlueHost provides 24/7 support, less than $4 per month, easy installation of WordPress (your blogging platform), and a 30 day money back guarantee.  Amazing and no risk.
  • Creativity: I only mention this because if you are starting a blog, you need to have an idea of where you are going with it. This includes brainstorming a name and focusing on your niche. This guide assumes that but here are some articles just in case.

Step One: Estimated Time – 5 Seconds (depending on your internet connection)

Go to

Background on BlueHost (Just in case you are wondering about alternatives). A little story might be helpful on why NOT to choose a free service. When I started one of my first blogs I was on a free platform. These are great simply because you do not have to pay anything. Sadly . . . that’s about where the goodness ends! First, you do not control any of your own content. I found that out when pages were somehow deleted and I was unable to get them back. Second, you will still have to pay money for a domain name such as otherwise you will be stuck with a random domain name. I paid money for a domain name and regretted it knowing BlueHost gives that for free! Finally, it is tough to advertise and make money. There are restrictions. I found out all of these the hard way so if you are thinking about a free service, think again!

Step Two: Estimated Time – 5 Seconds (depending on your internet connection)

Click “get started now”. See below if you are having issues with this stop.

How to Start a Blog

Step Three: Estimated Time – 5 Seconds (depending on your internet connection)

Click “select” under the basic package. There are other packages and if you are planning on building out multiple websites and properties, then I suggest one of the higher level properties. However, if you are just starting out the basic plan is going to be great for you. You get email accounts, plenty of storage, the ability to still build additional websites on this same plan, and above all the excellent customer support of Bluehost.

Bluehost Hosting

Step Four: Estimated Time – 5 Seconds to 5 Hours (depending on your ability to make decisions)

Type in your domain name and click “next”. Domain name planning can be tough which is why I have highlighted 5 seconds to 5 hours above. In all seriousness choosing a domain is an important process when starting a blog or any website. At a time, you wanted keywords in the domain name. For example, if your blog is going to be discussing dog training then would be great right? Of course it would but most of those names are taken! With that being said, it is less important now if you are creating great content. In any domain name, you want it to be relevant, be able to last, and above all something that people will remember. If you can get the keyword in there then it is an added bonus. Here are some articles we have written on domain name competition.

Free Tool for Domain Competition

Step Five: Estimated Time – 2 Minutes to 5 Minutes (depending on your typing abilities)

In this part, you will be doing the manual work. You will need to fill out your account information, package information, and credit card information. The account information and credit card information is pretty standard so we are not going to walk you through typing in your address (haha), but we will show you the correct package. Now if you remember, you are getting all of this for less than $4 per month. That is a domain name, hosting, 1 click WordPress installations, backups, and massive support. However, I do suggest opting for “Domain Privacy Protection” which runs around $1 more per month. In addition, I do suggest choosing the 36 month option simply because it is the cheapest! Remember, this is part of a commitment on your part so 36 months should not be much. Honestly, when you are learning how to start a blog you will find out how much you enjoy it!  Finally, once you click submit you will need to choose a password so make it strong!

Bluehost Order Page

Step Six: Estimated Time – 2 Minutes to 5 Minutes (depending on your typing abilities)

Finally! We are actually going to install WordPress so you can begin your blogging career! First, you will want to Log In to your account. In the Log In page (see right hand corner button from link), you will need to input your domain and password. Once you do that you should be brought to the following page and see “Install WordPress”:

Install WordPress

Make sure the “website” button on the top of the picture is white and not blue so this entire box is showing. You can click “Install WordPress” and you will be brought to the following page:

Install WordPress Two

In the Domain button, you will see the which you should choose. Leave the directory blank and click Next! You will be asked for a username and password in the Advanced Options. Make sure that you are creating tough usernames and passwords. Finally, make sure you finish the installation by clicking install now.

Congratulations, you now have a WordPress blog!

Step Seven: Estimated Time – 10 Minutes

Once you finish the installation, you can do to to log in with your username and password. You will be brought to the main page where you can begin posting and prettying up your blog or website. Now, we want to make sure this is a quick process but you should always spend time looking around WordPress. It is an intuitive platform but one that you will need to get use to when learning how to start a blog. For more information on WordPress themes or other WordPress related issues, I have included some great links below. Cheers and good luck starting your own blog!






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