About Me

Alex Ryan

Welcome to my website! I am super excited that you have decided to learn more about me and this website. Not that I want you to read some long and drawn out story about myself but I do want you to understand my goals with this website and my goals with my own personal online businesses. Hopefully these stories inspire you to begin building your online business. Above all, it is not my goal to have all the answers, to guarantee any sort of outcome, but to at least highlight to you as a reader my story and what has worked in my quest to be an online entrepreneur.

About me

It was 2005/2006 and I started to learn web design, how to use Blogger, and other online web development skills. By no means was I an expert and I certainly was not a computer science major in college. Nevertheless, I found myself intrigued by building websites but really had no plan. For example, one of my earliest websites was built completely on the blogger platform and it was a blog about college. I posted on the blog and kept posting on the blog and then found myself getting bored with the subject. Fast-forward six months and I decided to check it out again. Upon checking out the blog that I created, I noticed I was getting considerable traffic to multiple pages on the blog. Oddly enough, it was at that point that I understood the value of creating a true online business and having a plan. If I could offer something of value to readers and they sought out information that I could offer, this would allow me to share expertise with readers while also having the freedom to continue to generate that content.

Fast forward another couple of years as I graduated from college. I had built multiple online businesses including niche websites focused on both products and services. I have written extensively on what is a niche website but ultimately creating a niche should be the goal for any online entrepreneur. In my case, I created multiple niches by the time I graduated from college one solely focused on new college degree programs and another focused on web design services. Both of these certainly were and continue to be niche websites but above all they were my foundational cornerstone websites that fueled me to want to be an online entrepreneur. Once I graduated from college I found myself interested in creating additional online businesses. My point of attack was truly to create the best websites on niche topics on the Internet. This served me well as through the next few years I found myself building multiple online businesses and was able to generate real income.

Fast forwarding a few more years and I decided that I wanted to be able to share this expertise with other readers across the Internet. One thing that you will find different about this website when compared to others is that my online businesses are not focused on this web property. Certainly I recommend different products and some of those are affiliate products in which I receive affiliate income but the bulk and majority of my online businesses and income occur outside of this website. At the very beginning when I founded the niche website blog, I wanted to make sure that it was a website that truly focused on value and was not focused on generating income at the expense of readers. Too many online entrepreneur or passive income websites focus on that and ultimately those entrepreneurs survive because of websites like these. That is not my goal nor this website’s goal!

When I created this website I had the singular goal of helping others build online businesses. Given that any online business focuses on a niche and requires a website I decided to focus on the niche website brand. This brand is important because it allows individuals to think outside the box and to understand that there are many different niches out there that can allow you to become an online entrepreneur. It is my hope that this website will provide you with valuable resources, high quality content, and above all the inspiration to become an online entrepreneur. One thing I have found is that the opportunities that exist online are opportunities where the barriers of everyday life are reduced. It’s not to say that being an online entrepreneur is easy but it is to mean that your opportunities are limitless and I hope that you will continue to be an avid reader and partner as a fellow online entrepreneur.

I did want to make note of a few key things that you should review if this is your first time at my site. One of the original things I did was create an online tutorial through various pages. This tutorial helps you learn how to build a niche website from top to bottom. In addition, I have created a online resource page for all of the products or services that I recommend or use personally. Undoubtedly there are thousands of tools out there to help you build your online business but because there are thousands there are many that either aren’t effective or are too expensive. Here, we try to cut through that and give you a true resource. Finally, feel free to follow me on social media as I continue to share building online businesses through niche websites.

Thanks for joining us on the ride!