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Alex Ryan


My name is Alex Ryan and welcome to Niche Website Blog!  I created Niche Website Blog to help others learn how to create niche websites to earn passive income.  My story is a little different than other passive income bloggers and this blog will be even more different.  My goal is to help you understand the basics all the way up to advanced levels of niche sites.  There are many resources online, some extremely excellent resources, discussing passive income with niche sites.  However, most of these websites cater to a more advanced level of online entrepreneur.  Here, my goal is to make it simple through tutorials and other methods so you can reach your own goals.

I am a student, entrepreneur, family man, and sports lover, however I have always had an interest in the internet.  About 10 years ago I bought my first domain name.  I began buying and selling domain names like they were real estate properties.  It was a great experience but truly a bad method to get passive income.  Buying domains required a wait and see approach rather than actively working towards creating income.  I have sold domains for $20 and others for over $1000.  Sadly, to get the real expensive domains you had to invest quite a bit of money, money that I did not have.

Next, about 8 years ago I began building blogs.  I used the Google Blogger platform for most of my websites.  It was free, easy, and I could put something together in no time.  Most of these blogs were built without any real idea to monetize them.  I found myself buying domain names, building blogs, and then sadly letting them go once I lost interest.  I still to this day wish I would have kept some of them live.  Nevertheless, I never truly wrote about anything passionate and never had purpose.  What I learned was that I needed to focus on my passions, purpose, and profit to really succeed on the internet.

In the past decade I started building niche websites.  I spent hours upon hours learning about how to build different niche websites.  From working with WordPress to SEO, it was quite an experience.  I read blog after blog but noticed there was not a blog that made it simple to build these websites.  Hence, Niche Website Blog was started.  I have enjoyed building niche websites and am hoping to share my knowledge with everyone.  I am not expert, but I am working to get there.

Although this website is meant to help you get started quickly, niche websites are hard work.  There is no easy solution to making money online in a passive way.  That being said, my goal is to streamline the process as much as possible for you.  There are a few resources that do require investment, however most of my tips will show you how to build a niche website for virtually nothing.  I only recommend products that I ACTUALLY use, so do not worry about me trying to sell you something.  I look at this website as an opportunity to write about something I have found passion in.  Join me in our quest to build successful niche online properties!

Alex Ryan