3 Ways to Earn and Save More Gardening

3 Ways to Earn and Save More Gardening

One of the coolest hobbies I picked up over the past few years is gardening. It is the one hobby that allows me to intertwine my need for online entrepreneurship and real world entrepreneurship. I started gardening a few years ago and only this summer started realizing the true financial benefits of the hobby.

Earn More with Gardening

Through the years I have somewhat honed my skills and started understanding what grows best in my area, what is the most abundant, and ultimately what I can focus on without spending significant amounts of time. I by no means am a world expert on gardening but I have used this hobby as a springboard to earning and saving more money. Let me explain how I have turned this cool hobby into a moneymaking and money-saving venture.

Starting a Garden Save You Money at Much More Than the Grocery Store

One of the initial reasons I started gardening was to maintain my own food source. I wanted to be able to grow lettuce, tomatoes, and other vegetables so that I could simply pull them out of the garden rather than pulling them out of a grocery store and having to pay for it. Honestly, don’t do it though to save money, do it for other reasons (Great article on those reasons). However, this on its own has allowed me to save money but it has been me understanding what works and what doesn’t work that has really saved the most money in the long run.

For example, I have used the hobby to not only save money on what my family eats at home but also side items that we will bring to a neighbors home or even gifts. When my family is having a cookout, I try to create a salad from the garden. When new neighbors moved into the neighborhood I tried to pick a bunch of tomatoes for them as a gift. The point is that although a garden certainly saves you money at the grocery store it can save you money in other areas too!

You Can Parlay the Experience into Creating a Blog

Creating a blog or niche website is an excellent way to hone your skills in a subject area. Gardening can be complicated and there are lots of tips that are worth understanding along the way. Creating a blog is an excellent way to share those tips and expertise you gain!

In addition gardening is beautiful. Even just looking at vegetable gardens will either put you in a state of awe or jealousy.  Jealously only if you do not have a great looking garden. However, pictures are truly worth 1000 words when it comes to gardening activities. You could have a photoblog or a mixture of the two.

The bottom line is that gardening is an activity that allows you to grow over time, gain expertise, and have real-world experience that you can share with others that are interested in the topic. You can transition your real-world experience to a digital business. If I personally had time create a blog focused on gardening tips I would because the opportunity is there for the right person.

Earn Money Gardening

You Can Always Sell to Friends and at Farmers Markets

This is one activity that I have only recently begun to take advantage of. Lots of individuals love the concept of locally grown produce from farmers markets but most don’t have the right gardens. My first step was to see which friends would be interested in purchasing some of my vegetables. Surprisingly many of them were very interested after seeing my garden. For my price standpoint I knew the prices at the grocery stores and just reduced it to account for the fact that this is more of a side income opportunity for me.

Now, I am in the process of evaluating whether I can sell some of these products at farmers markets. Most every town has some sort of farmer’s market or open market where an individual can sell fruits and vegetables. Even if your town doesn’t have that you can set up a table in your front yard and get going that way. My hope is that if I do get an abundance of certain vegetables that I will be able to take these and sell them at a local farmers market. Doing your research is important but for me it does seem like it would be a good opportunity if I have enough vegetables.

Undoubtedly starting a garden has allowed me to not only save money but earn income at the same time. Further, if you really want to cultivate your garden, no pun intended, then you could easily transition that learning the skill set that you gain into a live blog where you can market certain gardening products and tips. Remember, enjoying what you’re doing is very important when it comes to trying to make an income online or in person. Focus on hobbies that you can enjoy, and then focus on how you can earn and save more while doing those.

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